First and foremost, passion

Le Forban Sécurité Mer® is for those passionate about traditional divers’ watches and who appreciate the features common to the genre – automatic, stylish, high-quality, repairable and long lasting at the right price. Rocking the boat is our way of being modern day pirates !

We want to give all lovers of fine watches, men and women, the opportunity to wear an eye-catching timepiece which is not only extremely attractive but also has its origins firmly anchored in history.

The 4 mainstays of Le Forban


Le Forban Sécurité Mer® can be proud of having equipped the French Navy. The Malouine brings with it an old-fashioned charm which will delight lovers of vintage style and fans of French naval history.


La Malouine is a mechanical watch packed to the gunwales with top of the range features – sapphire crystal, 316L steel, robust automatic movement, etc., all for less than €500, offering the chance to own a piece of real watchmaking without the need to find buried treasure in order to do so.


A self-winding mechanical movement is a must for a flagship model – a mechanism which is easily repairable and which will not become obsolete. A choice which is more durable and more ecological than a battery-powered alternative (quartz).

Assembled in

Resolutely French, the Malouine is assembled, tested and regulated in Paris, in the workshops of one of France’s master watchmakers – the Atelier Christian Plantin.

Symbolism and poetry are inseparable, like a pirate and his rum.

Haruki Murakami

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